Our Extra Services

Catering is much more than great food. It is all the extra services that we can provide; which there are plenty to add that extra special spark for your complete catered experience. Let the professionals truly cater to your needs!

Services Offered:

  • Event Planning: Let Teeny, our own planner alleviate that extra stress for
    planning and executing your catered event.
  • Waiter service: so you and your guests do not have to get up for the meal.
  • Hors D’ouvres (Appetizers) – Ideal for beginning to a great meal. We have amazing selection from Hot to cold appetizers.
  • Meat Carving by our very own chef: Sliced to perfection

These are some of our most popular services that you can add to your special occasion, making it more personalized. Give TEENY a call 613-867-1623 or simply drop an e-mail for any inquiries.