About Us

Thank you for visiting our site and taking the time to read our content. We want to allow us to properly introduce ourselves accordingly so that you will get to who Top Choice Catering is.

Sean Solomon – CHEF
Owner of Top Choice Catering

For me, it’s been a long history, which I will not drag you through the boring details. Simply put, I have been in the cooking industry for over 15 years – so I am no stranger when it comes to different kinds of foods.

As many young folks when starting off, I started at various Pizzerias and found that I truly loved cooking for people. In My early twenties, after our first born; I wondered what I should do as my career. I toyed around with idea of doing various office works, and dabbled in different salesman jobs, but never found any satisfaction. Then I asked my wife Teeny, out of both curiosity and frustration what I ought to do as a career, and she stated that I should really get into cooking as a profession and pursue a degree in the culinary arts so that I can go further to eventually become my own boss. You know what… she was absolutely right, even though I hate to admit it at times.

In 1994, I graduated as a chef with the Red Seal for Culinary Arts in Ottawa, Ontario and I since worked for various restaurants that are reputable. Although many years of cooking in a restaurant added to my culinary skills, I became bored and wanted to stretch my culinary arts to the maximum and cook for people. With a strong family history of entrepreneurship, Sean wanted to become his own boss and offer to the public just how artful in the cuisine he is. There is nothing more that I enjoy seeing people enjoy my cuisine.


Enough about me, I have to give my wife Teeny big props for pushing me and being a huge part of Top Choice Catering. She is the backbone and my right hand woman in everything that my company is. Like a fool at times, I don’t always recognize what she does for my – our company. She is the liaison, web master, administrator, Promotions, and even helps me in the kitchen. But let it be known to you dear folks, she really pushes and stands there with me.