Choosing A Catering Company

Here’s a scenario: You are planning an event that has more than 20 guests. Let’s be realistic: it is hard work doing all that planning, not to mention cooking for that many people. You start to feel like a fish out of water. Suddenly this event becomes more of a headache than fun. Actually the Fun is deleted.

So you decide to use a caterer to worry about cooking for that amount of people, and you search around the Internet and just become overwhelmed with all that you see.

We are here to hopefully educate you when it comes to choosing a caterer that will not disappoint you, and avoid further heartaches. At Top Choice Catering, we want to be up front with what we provide in our service and what we will not do, so that it is clear with no ambiguity, which many other caterers are not willing to share up front. This could save you time and headaches.

The list of what to look for in a caterer:

  • Reputable business with a chef that has his/her certificate in food handling/safety that is recent. All chefs are required to keep their certificates recent (it needs to be renewed every 5 years in Ontario)
  • Great references that they have done (past jobs)
  • Personable, friendly and professional
  • Honesty in their services – what they do and what they don’t do
  • A reputable caterer will have a contract that must be signed between both parties. Usually there is a deposit required, and it is up to the individual catering company if it fully refundable within a reasonable period of time (usually 7 business days)

This is the basics, because there a lot of caterers, who may have all the above criteria, but lack the quality in their foods or service; this unfortunately is a hit or miss. Now you are wondering why we choose to tell you this. The answer is simple, because we have extensive experience from our past customers in hearing how they have been duped by other catering companies that didn’t deliver on what they initially promised either in food quality or services.

We invite you continue reading more on why Top Choice Catering is different from the rest, and what We have to offer to all of our clients. Because Top Choice Catering is a small business that is family owned and operated by Sean Solomon, chef and owner and his wife Teeny, we want to be very different from the rest. Please Read more about Chef Sean and his wife Teeny in their bio page.